Corruption, crimes and drugs are getting nearer to an end!

Either you are a believer or not, you must watch as days unfolds.


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Analysis from the editor.

The new President Duterte is up for a challenge that he himself imposed–eradicate DRUGS, CRIMES and CORRUPTION ON GOVERNMENT in 3 to 6 months time.

Unbelievable isn’t? But like 16 million supporters, you must surely be a believer too?

But whether we give him ten years or forever, he can never made this done by himself. He is indeed in need of your cooperation or all of those plans will be gone to waste.

Can you grasp how hard this challenge could be? Noting also that most of the opposing parties particularly the LP are giving all doubts that he can make this happen.

The challenge would surely would not come easy but nevertheless is possible.

Do you wanna know why his opposition find this so ridiculous?

Asia’s most corrupt nation

The Philippines formerly holds Asia’s worst corruption in history. We were ranked first in Asia as the most corrupt nation, where a less developed Indonesia is only a second placer.

“Definitely, in cannot be done in three to six months, even in six years. The problems are too serious and deeply rooted that these cannot be easily defeated,” Chiz Escudero told Inquirer expressing his doubts about Duterte’s promise to eradicate drugs, crimes and corruption in around three to six months.

Though through Benigno Aquino’s administration, our corruption status was reduced from number one to number two, the Filipinos are still hopeless that something could be done about our dirty reputation in eyes of the world.

Believe me or not an ample of evidence proves he is in part (either his own or by dictation of those behind him) of the gigantic corruption that happened during his whole six terms. The reason why his promise to eradicate corruption is a failure.

92% of Metro Manila barangays alone are seriously drug-affected

Philippines is one of the world’s largest consumer on illegal drugs, of most production are coming from China and are distribute through Filipino drug pushers.

Drug pushers weren’t limited to the poorest class but involves mens on the highest ranks just covering behind their PNP, NBI and even PDEA uniforms. Yes, even those law enforcers dedicated to the restrain and eradication of drugs is themselves drug lords and pushers.

“Methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, and marijuana remain the most abused illegal drugs in the Philippines. Based on 2014 arrest data, 88.78 percent involved the seizure of shabu, while 8.86 percent covered the confiscation of marijuana. Dangerous drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, ephedrine, ‘fly-high’ and others constitute the 2.36 percent of the drug-related arrests,” PDEA General Director Arturo Cacdac confessed to PhilStar.

PhilStar reported “…the street value of shabu ranges from P2,000 to P10,000 per gram, while marijuana is pegged at P18 to P300 per gram, depending on the area of transaction and quality of drug sold.”

You might ask…how bad is illegal drugs in the Philippines, specially in Manila?

Let me share with you a video clip produced by Vice News.

This video was shot sometime in 2013 which falls within the time Mar Roxas was the DILG secretary. (September 19, 2012 – September 14, 2015).

In the post where this video is embedded, made this following comments, “In this video, Former PDEA officer Jonathan Morales said his superiors did not want the drug syndicate’s members arrested. ( Jonathan is referring about Mar Roxas, the DILG minister at that time.) Based on the United Nations – World Drug Report in 2013, the Philippines has the highest abuse rate for methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, in East Asia.

The UN report was cited by the US Department of State in its 2012 International Drug Control Strategy Report, which is posted on the website of the US Embassy in Manila. The state department also disclosed that 2.1 percent of Filipinos aged 16 to 64 were using shabu, and “domestic consumption of methamphetamine and marijuana continued to be the main drug threats in the Philippines.”

“More than 8,000 barangays in the country are plagued with the drug menace…Metro Manila has the highest rate of being drug-affected with 92.10 percent of the region’s barangays affected, followed by Region 4A (Southern Tagalog) at 33.78 percent.

Based on its consolidated data gathered from operational reports and other law enforcement agencies, the PDEA said around 20.51 percent or 8,629 villages out of the 42,065 barangays nationwide have drug-related cases.”

The very reason why President Duterte hate drugs and declaring an all out war to totally crash the whole system running the illegal drugs in the Philippines.

Duterte is set to reintroduce DEATH PENALTY for heinous crimes

On an article BBC Asia reported, “Rodrigo Duterte says he will push for the death penalty to be re-introduced..he will seek to return the death penalty…He added that he would also seek to give security forces shoot-to-kill powers for suspects who evade arrest and those involved in organized crime.”

“What I will do is urge Congress to restore death penalty by hanging,” Mr. Duterte told reporters. The Philippines abolished capital punishment in 2006.”

But why?  This must surely shock you but you had to know!

Did you know, that Philippines is home of two cities with HIGHEST CRIME RATES in asia? Yes, your reading those words right. Quezon City and Metro Manila are among of the ten cities with highest crime rates in asia as reported in the world atlas website.

Let me share with you some excerpts from that article.

“Quezon City …is a part of Metropolitan Manila, the National Capital Region of the country. The city has one of the highest crime rates in Asia, and is the one of the most crime-prone zones in the National Capital Region. Common cases of crime involve murders of males between the ages of 25 and 50, murders of jobless people and slum dwellers, of those engaged in disputes arising in the city’s karaoke bars. Periods between sunset and midnight are believed to be the most dangerous time when frequent killings are most likely to occur. Besides homicide, snatchings, thefts, rapes, and robberies are also reported frequently in Quezon…”

Quezon City ranked 9th while Manila, the capital city ranked 8th.

“Manila in the Philippines is a popular tourist destination, but the city also has a moderately high rate of violent crimes, and these are often targeted at its tourists. Mostly local criminal gangs, and, less frequently, individual hoodlums, are involved in the incidents of violent robbery and assaults in the city. The widespread and improperly monitored firearms ownership conditions in the city only add fuel to fire, increasing the cases of crime. Random acts of violence, kidnapping of foreigners, streets fights, and violent crimes triggered by excessive alcohol consumption are quite common in this city. Tourists to Manila are always advised to remain alert and be careful of their drinks to avoid cases of ‘drink spiking’, which involves the use of drugs in drinks to leave a person unconscious before looting or physically harming the incapacitated victim.”

Is the promise to end CORRUPTION, CRIMES and DRUGS really possible around just 3 to 6 months time?

No, of coarse. That promise was a joke. Nothing such change could happen, not even around whole six years. Just as what scoffers like Senator Chiz Escudero would like you to think.

Just as what Leila Delima, Frank Drilon, Leni Robredo, Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, Benigno Aquino and a lot more elite politicians wants you to believe.

Mark my words Duterte’s promise will happen.

Because the soon Federal Republic of the Philippines headed by him will utilize it’s maximum power to clean the government and will established peace and order just around 3 to 6 months from now.

If you don’t believe me, maybe this this Instagram post by @arviengekanaata will.


Like I  cited  above Quezon City, has one of the highest crime rates in Asia, and is the one of the most crime-prone zones in the National Capital Region.” This region was prone to the “common cases of crime…murders of jobless people,” and people “engaged in disputes.. in the city’s karaoke bars..”

“Periods between sunset and midnight are believed to be the most dangerous time when frequent killings are most likely to occur. Besides homicide, snatchings, thefts, rapes, and robberies are also reported frequently in Quezon…”

But by the advent of the so called ‘Oplan Rody’, the city that don’t miss a crime a day seems eventually turn to ghost town. This phenomenon never happened ever since on that city.

Now ask yourself.

How on earth could this happen when the new president wasn’t on the office yet?

That alone proves that the promise to end corruption, crimes and drugs in 3 to 6 months is indeed possible. We are witnessing that change as it happens today.

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