A Right to Marry? Same-sex Marriage


Photo Courtesy of Lane Sainty

Every person in this world wants to marry. A wedding is a ceremony for two persons loving each other and it is an act or instance in close association by the permission of their religion. Christians allow people to marry a man for a woman.

It can never be for both man and woman. In this generation, relationships starts to charge as a man takes into relationship with another man and also a woman to a woman. They would even go extreme as to marry each other.

The growing popularity had called for a broad public acceptance. The minority cried, ranted and shouted for their assumed right. The reason why the former US President Barack Obama pressured the Supreme Court to passed the unconstitutional law that permitted homosexual couples to marry legally.

Such new law is unconstitutional and would never be passed having the US founders alive today. God purpose for man was to marry a woman and likewise.

Only God designed union can bring up a new offspring to a family and to the growing society. A man to a man relationship can impossibly do what naturally married couples can except if one of them will change their natural anatomy. The same apply with both woman.

On the other side, the new doctrine would surely affect the tradition of the Christian world. Since under our belief of the Supreme God, no two alike genders were to marry.

If the Catholic and other Christian sectors around the world will allow this to happen, it will ruin the reputation and dignity of every Christian. Every Christian is respected by the other for they express great beliefs and devotion.

Such new trend is a threat that would later turn the world upside down. As the words of the Holy Bible inspires us, marriage is exclusive only for man and woman. By their eternal love, this probably could be allowed to them. Although alike sex relationship also has love, but they should not be allowed to marry each other.

If they do love each other despite incapability of what a man and woman can do, they can still be together. But never to attempt to bind their hearts and ask the blessing of the Most High that they are capable of what traditional marriage was.

Nikko L. Pescueso is a guest contributor for Kuya J’s Journal.

Kuya J’s Journal  is analysis online magazine platform that publishes primarily about politics and governance in the Philippines. You may follow us on our facebook page.

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